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August 28, 2009

Glancing at our metaphorical rear view mirrors

The past.

A simple two word phrase, yet very meaningful and powerful to some. I should know, since most that I write includes hints of the past, memories not quite lost yet. Rummaging through things that I once held dear, (a monkey doll, a box of things given from my ex, amateur – somehow eager to be  artistic – photographs from high school, handouts from extracurricular courses (now shredded), etc. ). The simple things that actually made a big impact for me, were now,  somehow forgotten.

For some reason those memories were tarnished by alienation, fear, and hatred, clouded by dust. And so we forget what was beautiful and replace them with half-sided fuzzy images, as for all that seems rusted and worn were somewhat better looking. We catch ourselves smiling solitary from time to time, and giggling silently remembering how good it was back in those days – despite how much as we hated those days.  That in every regret lies small amounts of forgotten pleasures.