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July 30, 2009

we are what we are and what we find so far away are again ourselves

We curse up in the air, relentlessly waiting for some divine answer. But then later we screw ourselves again and again and again. Talk about redemption and progress, it seems we have this ability to screw ourselves in so many ways it somehow becomes tiresome and jaded.
Somehow it seems we try harder and harder to achieve this screwed up state we come to be. And somehow we seem to keep looking for an entity to hold on to, to ease us from disorientation. And – again – somehow those we hold dearly in our hearts fail time and time again.
We are but mirror images to one another, a universally scaled fun house where we see ourselves in different physical shapes and sizes yet still the same. Our distorted images tend to scare us into thinking of what we could be, unreasonable fears, paranoia. Occasionally these distorted mirror images of us haunts us, seeking comfort to it’s less distorted counterpart, the entity to hold to ease it’s disorientation. Yet somehow those mirror images fail to show, hiding in the darkness of the light, shy and emotional. For that distorted image has somehow broken it’s counterpart.