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September 28, 2009

The Oscillating Wind Up Clock!

“An oscillating wind up clock, with a coca-cola faceplate bearing an image of an attractive woman… It was broken, failing to work, yet i managed to fix it somehow… weirdly, i really don’t know how, yet i did…. sticking safety pins into clocks shouldn’t have worked, yet it did…”

How often do we find ourselves surprised, achieving what we never did expect. Small insignificant tasks or things that we prioritize to matter the most. We expose ourselves to indefinite numbers of medium to high risk situations where we cannot control the outcome, tending to “wing it” or just “run through it”, waiving the possibilities of fucking up all over again. Most of the time we do it for the sake of expecting those surprises, so far that i am aware, the code of masculinity dictates that risk taking is part of the machismo lifestyle — later to be integrated into a part of the post-modern lifestyle as a whole. Its risky, its fun, its adrenaline pumping, keeping us guessing on the outcome, even when it fails to grow exactly as expectations foresee. Which in turn is actually part of the fun in guessing: the unexpected outcome.

I guess I’m back to¬† avoiding the fact on how quickly¬† the earth actually revolves around the sun.