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April 15, 2009

The little one on my shoulder

So, as rationality fades we often lean to the side of the metaphysic. The unexplainable mystical creatures we share our plane of reality with.

As an acquaintance pointed out, it seems that there is some skinny, small, snakelike being, following out of the two extremes of either attraction or dislike. This – well not fact actually… whats the word here… – assumption of being followed by some unseen being, reshaping points of view of rational flow of logic for the cause of recent temper tantrums and restlessness.

A small skinny snakelike creature hanging out on my shoulder. Somewhat absurd yet believable to some extent – giving the circumstances of experiences with the mystical. As write this estranged ramble he should be reading this with me… trying to understand these symbols of meaningless, scratching its head, sometimes its balls – due to the “assumed” primitive and uncivilized nature of the creature – hanging out without purpose or concern of time.

Such wasteful creatures…..