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March 9, 2011

The Art of Melancholy

What an emo fucking title I wrote… -APS

We are creatures of habit, once we have constructed a method or model in which we carry out actions, we usually stick to those methods no matter what, even if it isn’t the most effective. Naturally, if those method fails, we try to blame factors other than ourselves, a combination of denial and justification. This is the art of melancholy.

It is melancholic because we nag about pretenses and assumptions on what went wrong, that this chaos was mould by our environment, by society. True, they do play a big part in our daily fuck-ups and we wont be what we are without their contribution, but to classify them as the main and exclusive clause is somewhat over-rated. We earn what our actions produce, a fuck-up only occurs strictly when an action is delivered, without us (the actor) there would be no fuck up, secondary elements which contribute to this fuck-up are miniscule, they only add to the fuck-up which was originally produced by the individual actor.

Introspect: we, who we are, are responsible to every crap and/or yield that presents itself in our lives. Retrospect: our actions, what we have done in the past, are the main catalysts of the crap and/or yield that presents itself in our lives. But even that said, complaining is a justifiable coping mechanisms in dealing with crap mentioned above. Denied and justified by myself of course.