Compulsory Component

The funny thing about life is that there is this weighted towering shadow that forces us to comply with our inner most inhibitions. Your wants perceived as needs perceived as urgent perceived as priority as your brain conjours illusionary justifications in broken logic. It is disturbing really how bodily functions are centrally controlled by a glop called a brain which literally has a mind of its own. In a freeflowing motion of irrationality it begs attention to be the belle of the ball. A sick psyche of sorts in which bells and whistles hang about clouding the air with high pitched noise. Regulated only by sanity. Regulated by the very being that causes it to rebel from authority. A paradoxial line given in by the sideway stares of disaprovals, gleaming down on the shattered hopes and dreams of the irregular kind. Rekindling the fact that is most lost, that is most unrepented, unloved. Emotions and rationality mixed as one, a compulsory component in perceiving the overflowing thought products that litter the shallow planes of nothing in whole.

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