ranting… current…

An infected emotion, bloody red, swollen of rage and mistrust. But then it turns blue, soft squishy and half dead. Our eyes turn to another trying to find glimpses of reality, of which reality was never really there, a blister forms, covering those bacteria demolished cells, with a gelatinous coating, turning solid.

We must admit that we are not perfect, pieces of jigsaw, dismantled in the most abstract ways. As we are obsessed with the things far from grasp, we ourselves understand the nano-scaled possibilities of reaching what we aim. Yet we try, a sense of hope we try not to disperse, the false positives we tell ourselves the chances of having. Fairness is an overstatement all have tried to scream, a dead concept having never tasted breath for that matter.

How do we fall into emotionally set traps undigested by logic? The tangible signs pointing to a certain path and preview of things to come. Why do we never listen? Setting sights would have been too late, too complex to reverse this tangled nerves and guts causing a certain nausea. How can a certain emotion affect mind and body without physical cause at all? How does that work?

It’s all life worth living, the semicolon reffering to a new topic, on steps later needed taken. And yes, they will see what they would be missing.

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