Of Mermaids and Dugongs…

Reality, for some, is not the world seen as it is, yet it is what we see to create… the world in the perspective of a fish-bowl…

We create the realities we choose to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste… subjective angles repositioned for the curtained mind…

Of mermaids and dugongs (the sea mammal), that we choose too see mermaids, sweet smelling aestheticly beautiful creatures of the sea… In which we deny to see its true form as a dugong (sea cow), ugly, smelly, fat creatures….

Looking back and introspecting, with all these metaphoric ghosts hanging about in my mind, it has come to my attention that we only choose to  see things of the extreme… It’s either those frightful memories of loss and pain or euphoric feelings of achievements… Falling off from your bike the first time, heartbreaks, accidents, death, the first kiss, losing virginity, your first beer, first bud, even more heartbreaks, failed plans, broken dreams, etc….

When actually life is bland… routines and rituals that go on an on constantly in a never ending cycle… We just choose to add a little zest to it by hanging on to the memories that give us meaning… Spicing life… Curry to rice…

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