My First Post… (Preambule)

Ok, so… this is my first ever post on my first very own blog…

I actually used to critisize all those people blogging away their unimportant life occurences that nobody gives a damn about… – that said applies to what i am writing now –

The thought of privacy and the paranoia of intellectual property being stolen…

Over these 21 years of my life i have come to think that keeping thoughts to one’s self is actually depressing… A feeling that can be expressed by the analogy of having eaten too much…

Yes i do share my thoughts with my loved ones, but… they’re my loved ones…. they take me as i am, in bitter or sweet (an assholish jerk or a shoulder to cry on (and yes this is one way to conquer the female ego))

By this time now, you would probably realize that i write very unsystematicly random, with more of a ranting tone…

And so enjoy these rants…..

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